Saturday, January 06, 2007

Model Blog

Rayli is the most popular fashion magazine in China, one of their reader-turned-models, Xiao Hei, has recently moved to Pittsburg to be close to her boyfriend. She has a cute blog with a lot everyday photos and she talks about how she has to cook for herself over here (semi-celebs like her probably have full-time help in China). Check out her blog.

She is such a natural in front of the camera, even though the photos are all candids taken in ordinary lighting. Ignore the cutesy gestures/expressions, which is unfortunately considered uber-adorable in East Asian fashion magazine photo spreads, something she's doing still in real-life photos (occupational hazard?).


Anonymous said...

she looks cool in that esemble! :-)

kia said...

i love pittsburgh.. i went to school there =)