Sunday, December 31, 2006

Red Carpet at The Golden Bell (Taiwanese Emmys)

Xiao S.
She's petite but she dared to wear a dress with a train.

Xiao Qiang was trashed for wearing this dress. Oy.

Too baby-dollish? The hair is pretty retro-glam.

Lin Zhiling was panned for this outfit, critics said her look is a bit too school girl. Still rocking the cleavage...

Lin Zhiling from 2005. LOL at her hair.

Ella from S.H.E. She's looking feminine for a change.

The dress color clashes with the carpet. I think sky blue doesn't flatter skin with yellow undertones, maybe if she wasn't wearing this icy tone head-to-toe, the effect would be more tolerable.

No idea who this couple is, the guy is looking super gross, the girl is stunning. Thank god for duct tape.

Finally, a total fashion catastrophe from The 2005 Golden Bell Awards. She's wearing a fox on her shoulders, to say nothing about the chainmail dress. Is she wearing some sort of mesh backing underneath all that? Otherwise wouldn't her nipples show? Poor fox, RIP.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Color: Blue + Brown

Blue and brown look so good together, it's amazing no one has made it a trend until this year. The top two pics are from, the latter two from

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pretty Puffers

No one here looks like a blimp, even while wearing volume-inducing puffer coats. The key is bright accessories and lots of layering underneath. Love the sleeveless vest with pom poms, so feminine yet very tomboyish.

Ultra-Adorable Hats

I've seen some cute, hand-knit ones at crafts fairs for around $25 to $40 where I live. Must learn to crochet...

Monday, December 25, 2006

Makeup: Chinese Celebrity Candids 2

Coco Chiang
I love the green eyeshadow on Coco (she's a popular model/actress/TV host in east Asia). She's super tall and leggy, a total clotheshorse. Will try to find more pics of her to post here.

Ai Mengmeng
Spiky lashes, the look works on her. Bleached brows.

I think she's a spa owner in Hong Kong. Anyway, it looks like she's wearing pink/reddish eyeshadow here with black liner, so flattering. Bleached brows again.

Dong Xuan
This look is all about good skin, neutral eye shadow, and a little bit of lipgloss.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Makeup: Chinese Celebrity Candids

I chose these photos 'cause I really felt none of the looks were that flattering, except for Gao Yuanyuan's natural look, maybe bad lighting was to blame. Perfect makeup shots are not inspiring to me, these more realistic ones are. Ultimately, having good skin matters more than knowing fancy makeup techniques, especially as we age. Gong Li has amazing skin, she's already 41 and has got no wrinkles or age spots.

Gong Li

Xu Jinglei

Zhang Ziyi

Gao Yuanyuan

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Makeup: Bright Eyeshadow

Eye shadows are so fun to shop for, I'm always drawn to them whenever I end up at a store. When it comes to actually using them, I've found that for my Asian eyes, the shade doesn't matter so much.

I use Laura Mercier's St. Germain (a dark shimmery green) a lot, because it helps my liner stay on longer. My current liner is Pur Minerals in Black Amethyst, it's pretty much unsmudgable.

These models are wearing ultra-bright shades on their peepers here, they look good because of the lighting, in person, the look might be overkill.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Silver Belles

In honor of the holidays, here are photos of gorgeous ensembles with silver touches. I especially like outfit #3, where the t-shirt design, the pin, and the belt buckle all work together so seamlessly.

Outfit Ideas: Layering Madness

I just realized I have never tried the leggings with minis look, still, no one is stopping me from posting photos where people dress like they were going to a game of strip poker. The more pieces, the merrier...