Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hair Color Conundrum

My hair was thermal-straightened more than a year ago, that must have triggered a vanity gene or something, because as if that whole-day and ridiculously expensive process wasn't enough, I have been spending tons of money further dying/highlighting it since then. Last week I colored it again, with highlights, and said goodbye to another $100.

I almost want to go back to my natural color, a solid black. Of course, am always tempted by lighter colors constantly. East Asian celebrities have been lightening their hair for years, and it was hard to find pics of them with "virgin" hair. Have I been brainwashed into thinking the color I was born with isn't good enough?

Zhu Yin

The color I have now... It's a little bit less red than hers.

Cathy Tsui
Cathy Tsui again, she's pretty with any haircolor. In this photo, she's probably had some flat-ironing.

The haircolor I most recently had.


Anonymous said...

100 &*%#ing dollars!? Geez, I'll do it for you for a fraction of the cost

kia said...

everyone like a little color, but at home kits are great too, so is your natural hair color =)