Sunday, December 31, 2006

Red Carpet at The Golden Bell (Taiwanese Emmys)

Xiao S.
She's petite but she dared to wear a dress with a train.

Xiao Qiang was trashed for wearing this dress. Oy.

Too baby-dollish? The hair is pretty retro-glam.

Lin Zhiling was panned for this outfit, critics said her look is a bit too school girl. Still rocking the cleavage...

Lin Zhiling from 2005. LOL at her hair.

Ella from S.H.E. She's looking feminine for a change.

The dress color clashes with the carpet. I think sky blue doesn't flatter skin with yellow undertones, maybe if she wasn't wearing this icy tone head-to-toe, the effect would be more tolerable.

No idea who this couple is, the guy is looking super gross, the girl is stunning. Thank god for duct tape.

Finally, a total fashion catastrophe from The 2005 Golden Bell Awards. She's wearing a fox on her shoulders, to say nothing about the chainmail dress. Is she wearing some sort of mesh backing underneath all that? Otherwise wouldn't her nipples show? Poor fox, RIP.

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Anonymous said...

Xiao S. looks fabulous, girl's got curves. Is that really Ella? wow she actually looks pretty here. Who's the woman in the last one? what a disaster!