Monday, December 25, 2006

Makeup: Chinese Celebrity Candids 2

Coco Chiang
I love the green eyeshadow on Coco (she's a popular model/actress/TV host in east Asia). She's super tall and leggy, a total clotheshorse. Will try to find more pics of her to post here.

Ai Mengmeng
Spiky lashes, the look works on her. Bleached brows.

I think she's a spa owner in Hong Kong. Anyway, it looks like she's wearing pink/reddish eyeshadow here with black liner, so flattering. Bleached brows again.

Dong Xuan
This look is all about good skin, neutral eye shadow, and a little bit of lipgloss.


Anonymous said...

Coco is so beautiful. I download her show just to watch what she wears and her makeup. She's always prettier than her guests on her show.

Anonymous said...

they look gorgeous. yes, i have to bleach my eyebrows to soften the face hair and makeup... it makes all the ladies here look lovely