Sunday, August 10, 2008

Star Style: Yiyan Jiang (江一燕)

A popular Chinese actress, Yiyan Jiang (江一燕) has a refreshing style all her own. I adore her new short bob, and the subtle/sexy makeup in the close-up pics!

To get the eye look, I'd try using these colors. I picked Lunasol, since their colors are all very subtle and lightly shimmery. Lunasol is a pricey line from the Japanese brand Kanebo, if any of you can find a cheaper alternative, post it in the comments.

She looks beautiful even without any help, see the last pic(#9).


kokostiletto said...

wow she is so pretty! and yes she can pull off that bob - not a lot of girls can!!

fashionlauncher said...

I like her best without make-up, as in the last photo, very beautiful! ;)