Friday, August 08, 2008

Beauty @ The Beijing 2008 Olympics

A step-by-step video showing how the gorgeous Beijing Olympics
hostesses got that way! Looks like there is a lot of careful
eyeshadow-layering for a natural smoky eye look, natural looking
shades are used for blush and lips are also kept low-key, mostly gloss
and no bright colors, false lashes are a must too! Even the male hosts
got made up. They're shown toward the later part of the video


kokostiletto said...

OMG! When I watched the opening games - i thought to myself - wow every single girl out there is beautiful! i swore they went on a nationwide hunt for the most beautiful ladies in China to present to the world!

emigre said...

Me too, the girls are all the same height/weight probably. I loved the elaborate makeup they did for the Tang dynasty segment, not exactly an everyday look, but so fun.