Saturday, July 12, 2008

Model Style: 杜鹃 (Du Juan)

杜鹃 (Du Juan) is one of the few Chinese models who are actually popular
with well-known designers in the west, here are photos from the many
runway shows she has done. She has been on the cover of French Vogue
and was seen in J.Crew and Gap's ad campaigns too.

Her face is actually not considered very beautiful by Chinese
standards, but she can make it abroad because her look is so "Asian."
The beauty standards in China are totally skewed and impossible to
attain in my opinion, the ideal now is a small face with pointy chin,
huge double-lidded eyes, high cheekbones and pale skintone. No wonder
so many are resorting to plastic surgery. Hope she can stay successful
and change people's perception of what is considered attractive!


Miss Building Blocks said...

Nice pics and blog! Very interesting, I'll be checking back often!

Miss Building Blocks

fashionlauncher said...

Du Juan is beautiful! Would you post photos of the Chinese ideal you were describing, for demonstration?