Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Celebrity Style

Many stars turned up at the film festival in Chang Chun. My favorite
dress is Gao Yuanyuan's (高圆圆) black and white sheath, it's so classy
and striking.

Zhao Wei's dress doesn't really flatter her skintone or her style, at
least the jewelry looked perfect.

Annie Wu's (Shizuka Inoh, 伊能静) dress looks like an over-frosted
dessert, she's so beautful though so we'll forgive her bad choice for
one awards show.

Fan Binbin (范冰冰) looks simply stunning in her own surreal way, as
usual. I don't know why the press hates her, whatever the issue may
be, you gotta admit she's got "major movie star" written all over her.

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