Sunday, February 18, 2007

Grey Matters

I love the patterned grey tights, they look warm too. If you wear socks and boots with them, this could be turned into a winter ensemble.

Ooh, headband, who knew that messy hair would look better with a headband?

Classic combo: Fitted sweater and a-line skirt. Almost everyone can wear this look and be lady-like in an istant.

I didn't get a cropped plaid jacket this year, I felt it was too trendy to last. But if you find a good deal on it and the look flatters your shape, why not?


Moi said...

Happy New Year to you too!! :D

I'm really into grey too lately. I didn't get a cropped plaid jacket either. So tempted to though. It seems it could last for a little while longer.

ambika said...

the cropped shape is something I keep telling myself to avoid because it is so trendy. But I just love how it looks that I keep ending up with jackets and cardigans with that shape. Oh well!